Escola de Bordils - 6è (Bordils)

Evaluation of Portabella´s fragment of Miró Tapís


We watched this fragment Miró Tapís by Pere Portabella in 5th and 6th level in preparation for creating our own short film of Can Torra. The following article is an example of how we evaluate film fragments.


The clip/fragment begins with views of the fields surrounding the rural home, in the town behind them using a panoramic in order to the property, Mas Miró. By the light of dawn, in silence the views see Mas Miró as it is in early morning. Suddenly, the viewer hears the natural sounds of the environment: birds, roosters, chickens, and ducks, building emotional intensity. Sounds allow the viewer to enter into this space with all senses, walking up the closer along with the rest of the town. The house is first seen in a worm´s eye view while listening to the sounds of the environment. The second view of this old farm house is from far away; a fixed shot of the majority of the house, with views of the garden in front of the farmhouse. In a fixed plane there is an interposed tree. The majority of the planes are panoramic. There are 6 different shots and 2 or 3 changes of light.